Physician Practice Online

Healthcare Marketing

A DFW based healthcare marketing agency

Physician Practice Online specializes in physician practice healthcare marketing in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas. Physician Practice Online was created as a specialty web development entity for those physicians who are either starting a practice and need a web presence, or those physician groups that have finally realized that their Internet presence is losing ground to all the competitor sites on the web. Physician Practice Online has developed numerous internet sites for orthopedic groups and ambulatory surgery centers. Physician Practice Online produces educational web sites for physicians and surgeons that score in the top 10 on Google.

The healthcare marketing firms specializes in producing content-rich web sites, including:

  • Web sites for orthopedic surgeons
  • Web sites for urologists
  • Web sites for general surgeons
  • Web sites for neurosurgeons
  • Web sites for ear, nose & throat specialists
  • Web sites for ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs)
  • Web sites for age management specialists

Physician Practice Online also helps physicians with personal web sites that differentiate the specialist. These sites can help the surgeon attract new patients directly. Physician Practice Online also sets up digital advertising campaigns that attract new patients directly to the surgeon. The healthcare marketing agency also provides Referral Development campaigns that increase the referral of patients to the specialist.

Physician Practice Online creates educational digital and print brochures that help convert the pre-surgical patient. These educational marketing communications tools can be set up as downloadable PDFs for prospective patients to access from the physician web site.

Physician Practice Online can be a resource for surgeons who are employed by hospitals or part of a larger group and need a more prominent presence online.