Social Media Marketing

Social Media Ad Campaigns and Management

Social media is the buzzword of the decade, but do not be fooled into believing that social media is the key to unlocking patient flow or increasing referrals. Most social media platforms are geared for casual social interactions between celebrities and fans, bloggers and followers, or consumer brands and their customers. In general, businesses that benefit from social media are those that sell consumer products, like Nike, due to the inexpensive and casual nature of the purchase. Being that healthcare is a considered purchase that consumers only seek out when in need, most healthcare providers will not see a tangible return on investment relative to the time and money needed to consistently update social media accounts.

However some social media platforms are an absolute MUST for healthcare practices. Facebook is the most vital of all the social media platforms as Facebook is the most widely used platform in the United States. Facebook automatically generates pages for businesses and allows users the ability to post anything to this page, without your knowledge, consent, or ability to monitor. Having a branded Facebook page allows you to claim these rogue pages, manage the content, brand the page, and interact with potential customers that have questions. Consequently, we suggest building a Facebook page to all our clients. Our Facebook management offerings include: