Website Development

Content-Rich Websites

If you do not have a presence on the Internet, you essentially do not exist to a majority of your target customer base. Without an Internet presence, your brand has an inherent weakness that will limit your success. However, websites for Healthcare providers must follow a vastly different strategy than the websites for other industries. Done improperly, for example, the healthcare provider can appear foolish at the hands of a general ad agency or web developer. For one, healthcare is a considered purchase. Two, someone in pain is less receptive to certain design features that, while interesting and "cool" to look at, can cause frustration and may even portray the healthcare provider as being insensitive to their current health care problem.

Creating a healthcare website is a specialized communication task requiring sensitivity to those who are seeking information about a health care problem, whether that be cancer, back pain, knee pain or male health problems. These people want well-researched answers to their medical concerns and questions, something a general ad agency is unable to provide. Physician Practice Online specializes ONLY in healthcare websites. Our experience and expertise in healthcare spans multiple decades and we have proven to our clients that our website development strategies are effective for patient generation and referral development.