Web Development

Custom Websites

Content-rich web design

Creating a healthcare Web site is a specialized communication task requiring sensitivity to those who are seeking information about a health care problem, whether that be cancer, back pain, knee pain or male health problems

SEO Optimization

Organic & paid search

A clean, content-rich website is only effective if it can be found on search engines. We engineer our website structure and content to produce the best search engine ranking possible.

Social Media Advertising

Facebook ad campaigns and management

We understand how to reach audiences with Facebook advertisement campaigns; social media marketing; reputation management services; and many other communication tools for any physician healthcare businesses.

How Physician Practice Online increases patient flow

Physician Practice Online works with physician groups, surgeons, therapists, chiropractors and ambulatory surgery centers who want to improve their long term competitive position with educational content that works for them long term, instead of short-term expensive gimmicks that require huge ongoing expense to purchase paid search sponsored ads every month.

Physician Practice Online content rich web sites free a physician from having to purchase expensive Facebook ads and Google paid search sponsored links. Instead we unshackle and free the physician from being continually dependent upon these expensive vendors.

Conversely, our content rich educational web sites free the physician by creating organic visibility on search engines that puts the physician specialist on the top 10 of Google for organic credible search visibility. Secondly, research shows that the more educated the consumer, the less they click on “sponsored link” ads. Instead, these educated prospective patients click on organic search results.

Physician Practice Online specializes is based in Dallas Fort Worth but has clients as far away as Alaska. Physician Practice Online does custom website creation for healthcare providers and companies locally and nationally. Physician Practice Online involves the expertise of two MBAs specialized in the healthcare industry. We handle all the stages of branding and communication from new company start up to expanding the visibility of established practices and healthcare businesses.

Physician Practice Online has helped specialty physician groups, ambulatory surgery centers and healthcare consultants from all over the nation increase their visibility on the Internet to their target audiences.

For specialists trying to communicate to referral sources and do direct-to-consumer communications, Physician Practice Online brings 30 years of expertise to understanding how best to reach these audiences with Internet sites, email marketing, educational print communications, journals, magazines, e-magazines, print ad campaigns, direct-mail campaigns, radio advertising, and many other creative communication channels.

For start ups, Physician Practice Online does name and trademark research to prevent expensive name conflicts; we then develop new names for healthcare businesses that are memorable and cut through the clutter. We handle all aspects of corporate identity for healthcare, from logos and wordmarks, to letterhead, business cards, e-magazine, e-mail marketing and creating content rich websites that score in the top 10 on Google for organic search.

Physician Practice Online was created by Prizm Development, Inc., the most experienced developer of spine Centers of Excellence. For 30 years, Prizm has worked in 48 of the 50 states helping physician groups and hospital systems improve the way they care for back and neck pain with Prizm’s proven spine center of excellence model. More information is at PrizmDevelopment.com.

Content Integration

A significant amount of time is needed to develop original content for use in a website. For most web developers, this is the most time consuming part of the website build. Consequently, many of the content-rich healthcare websites that you see on the Internet cost in the tens of thousands, simply due to the man-hours needed to draft intricately detailed information about health problems, symptoms, and treatments.

Fortunately, Physician Practice Online has a large intellectual property library full of personally written content regarding urology, orthopedics, pain management, outpatient surgeries, and other healthcare related material that is available to our clients through an intellectual property package. We will customize this content to fit your individual needs, removing or adding certain procedures in which you specialize.

We strongly suggest that our clients utilize a local photographer to capture the special kind of images necessary to show how your healthcare organization is different and unique. We have found that healthcare consumers like to see genuine photographs of the practicing physicians and front desk staff so they know exactly who they are going to see when they schedule an appointment. Being clear and honest with the consumer through real photography instead of stock images helps the customer understand your offerings. We will find a photographer and provide a detailed photo shoot briefing to ensure you get the photos you need. We negotiate a competitive price and set up a photo shoot time that works for you.

Sports Medicine



Pain Care

Regenerative Medicine

Neurological surgeons

General surgeons



ENT Specialists

Age Management

Physical Therapy

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Hernia Centers

Logo Development

Brand development includes design of a logo/wordmark, a globally consistent color scheme, and letterhead and business cards. A logo is your company's first impression to the consumer, and consumers are quick to make judgement about the company based on the quality of the logo. We aim to create logos that are simple to read, very memorable, and logos that display quality and professionalism. We develop a short, memorable name that consumers will use rather than a long name that will be turned into an acronym. Then we develop a corporate identity package that signals "quality" to business, medical referral sources, and especially consumers.


We try to incorporate as much of our clients ideas as possible. We will discuss potential design and layouts with you to construct a logo to fit your practice.


We develop a short, memorable name that consumers will use rather than a long name that will be turned into an acronym.

Corporate Identity

Then we develop a corporate identity package that signals "quality" to business, medical referral sources, and especially consumers.

Referral Development

Referral development is an important part of practice development. Your practice must have a strong referral base that consistently sends patients to your center. Patients who do not refer themselves directly to your center will rely on the recommendation of their primary care physician or family doctor when they need treatment. We have extensive referral development methodologies that merely involves customizing your practice into these tools, which saves you an extensive amount of money.

Direct to Consumer

We recognize that the future of healthcare for specialized centers is not one that is dominated by referrals from primary care doctors or family practice physicians. This trend of removing the "middleman" is caused by a new era of healthcare consumers. These consumers tend to do more research on their own via the internet and other sources. Consumers become more educated on the health issue they are facing, and they know exactly where they want to receive their treatment. Healthcare consumers of the future will no longer spend their time and money going to a family practice physicians, but will instead refer themselves directly to the specialty center.

So, is your clinic prepared to supply the demands of the new healthcare consumer? In order to be completely prepared, you must make an effort to be portrayed as an expert in your field by developing a professional, easy-to-use, and content-rich web site with plenty of educational content about medical issues your center can treat. This is very important because the new healthcare consumer will use the internet to research the issue they are having before they consult the expertise of a physician. Your website should be a one-stop-shop for consumers who want to research a medical issue as well as find a physician who is an expert in treating it.


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